Our Philosophy


True Reflections Dance & Fitness YOUTH PROGRAMS were developed on the premise that dance, music, and fitness education is a vital part of childhood development. Benefits of such programs include, but are not limited to improved cognitive development, gaining age appropriate motor skills and acquiring self confidence. These programs hold lifelong positive benefits for our youth and should be held in the highest regard. that healthy programs should be positive and encouraging. Our childhood programs are designed to help all children succeed, regardless of their pre-existing abilities. The TRDF intention is to produce strong, healthy children and to influence self confidence, as well as encourage age appropriate motor skills and cognitive development.

Current media representation of "childhood activities" (for example: "Dance Moms" & "Toddlers in Tiaras" ) are frowned upon at TRDF. All children are unique and have their own abilities. It is our goal to find those strengths and build on them. We only hire instructors who are similar in these beliefs. We promote proper technique and dance education, as well as a safe and secure environment.  


True reflections Believes that awesome health is available to everyone regardless of age, or any genetic predispositions. Being healthy isn't about being skinny or following a fad diet, it's about living a lifestyle that is balanced and capable of withstanding longevity. Your lifestyle shouldn't be hard to live or a bother to follow. Your journey to health and wellness should be fun, educational, and rewarding. We believe that exercise is about finding inspiration, vitality, energy, confidence, and a better version of yourself. The byproduct of this, is that you look and feel better. The theory that for effective fitness, workouts should be agonizing and trainers should be loud and/or intimidating is not one followed here at TRDF. We want to challenge you, but never to the point where you wouldn't want to return. Classses are generally available for all ages, levels, and abilities with modifications available. 

What to Expect



We want you to feel at home when you walk through our doors!



Our studio mission is to give our clients a place to belong and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment 



We have a talented and well trained staff that works very hard to deliver the best experience for both our fitness and dance clients

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